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At Denari, we understand that paying rent every month is an important part of building a strong credit history. However, landlords choose not to report your rental data. That's why we've created a simple, secure platform that allows you to report your rental payments to TransUnion.

How it Works:

3 Easy steps:



Verify your identity, add your rent details



We work on verifying your data, once completed we report your payments to TransUnion.



Watch your credit score increase, We will continue to automatically verify & report your payments every month.

Questions You may have:

The average increase is 40 points. While we would love to be able to predict a specific score we simply can’t because the scoring algorithm the bureaus use is proprietary and not available to us.

With Denari, we only report positive payment history. You can still use Denari if you’ve missed a couple rent payments or have been late paying rent. There is no credit check, no hard inquiry — just positive-only payment reporting and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Your roommate can use Denari too! All residents on the lease are eligible as long as there is a formal lease agreement (written or oral agreement), and they are on the lease. All users will be required to complete their own individual sign-up form with Denari.

Great news. Your entire rent amount is eligible to be reported, not just your net payment. So make sure to provide the entire amount when you sign up, not just the portion you pay personally. For example, if your rent is $1,000 and $600 is subsidized for a net payment of $400, you would indicate $1,000 as your rent amount.

Denari currently does not provide credit score monitoring at the moment. However, we are working on it (COMING SOON)

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Mission Statement

Empowering Financial Growth, One User at a Time

At Denari, we are committed to revolutionizing the financial landscape by leveraging the power of rental data. Our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their credit scores and unlock greater financial opportunities. By seamlessly collecting and reporting rental data to TransUnion, we aim to provide our users with the recognition they deserve for their responsible rental behavior.

Through innovative technology and data-driven insights, we strive to bridge the credit access gap, enabling our users to build stronger financial foundations. We envision a future where everyone has equal opportunities to achieve their dreams, regardless of their financial history.

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Our product is still in its testing and development stage. As valued users, you have the exclusive opportunity to get an early glimpse of our innovative Fintech solution. During this phase, we actively seek your valuable feedback and suggestions to fine-tune and enhance the product. While many features are already operational, it's essential to note that some functionalities might still be under development, and you may encounter occasional bugs or issues.

Your involvement as early adopters is instrumental in shaping the final product and ensuring it meets your needs. Rest assured. Your participation in this Beta phase is instrumental in building a robust and user-centric platform, We thank you for joining us on this exciting journey toward financial empowerment and inclusion.

Please submit all feedback to Support@denarisolutions.com